An artist of the new generation Ilona Pažarickytė – was born in 1989 spring. From a very young age discovered her self in arts and creativity. She began her quirky creative path, daily perfecting her skills, techniques and revealing  extraordinary abilities.

While studding, Ilona started to participate in group exhibitions, she began to create paintings for interiors, according to individual orders. After studying at university, she decided to share her knowledge and teach children, young people and adults, and started her own career as a teacher.

Then the “Artroom Studio“ project was born. „Artroom Studio“ – the space where you can not only order new painting, choose favorite painting from the stock, but also to learn how to draw as well.

Ilona – master of interpretation and abstraction. The flavor of surrealism  arises and disappears again at her artworks, just like a notes of flavor in high quality wine. It is like a dialogue with yourself and the painting. It creates emotion that reaches the viewer and provides space for deep thoughts. 

In every work – a unique set of emotions, leading the observer on a journey full of new experiences, ask questions where the answers are discovered in their subtlest details.

A deep look at yourself and confrontation with uncomfortable questions translates to look at each piece differently. Locked, hidden and flavored with quiet an abundance of emotions, stimulate discussion of their nature, value and asking questions themselves. 

The smallest detail opens the door to the innermost secret places of the soul. It is offering a chance to talk with yourself  openly, avoiding conflicts or neglect.

Ilona’s creative work refer to good emotions only. Each figure who finding its home, emit only good vibes.

Interpreting everyday life, subliminal turns and endless stream of questions to yourself, Ilona’s create paintings give the answers, which sometimes can be uncomfortable and very open.

Her masterly strokes, colors and variety of forms – like a journey through life, which is composed of a variety of bright, large and small parts into one whole image.

Letting go all emotions and deep meanings – Ilona’s paintings capable of adapting to the current interior or vice versa – to liven up what is already there.  Create a unique atmosphere where it is needed.


Favourite Artists – Jonas Gerard, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat

Favourite music for painting – From Jazz to chill out, depends on the mood.

Hobbies – Books, Nature, exibitions, traveling.

Fun facts – A very big sleepyhead.


For serious inquieries and commission work, please go to a contact page and fill the form. Thank you!